Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pink Daisy

Pink Daisy Designs

Choosing to compliment your wedding with the addition of pink daisies is a great way to add a touch of class to your storybook day. Not only will these beloved flowers look romantic adorning your personalized stationery, but they will also look elegant and cheery when they are placed throughout the reception area.

Linking your invitations, “save the date” cards, and place setting cards with a few pink daisies strategically designed throughout the room is a creative way to create a special theme. After all, wedding that includes careful detail is a wedding that will be hard to forget!

If you decide to choose pink daises, you will be continuing a long standing tradition of myth, love, innocence, and contentment.

The mysterious daisy is steeped half in mythology and half in tradition, as civilizations have been fascinated with this dainty flower that opens and closes with the sun’s rays.

In more recent times, the daisy became an important symbol of childhood innocence. In fact, young Victorian women with broken hearts often plucked the fair petals of the daisy in the hopes that love would come to them. These young lovers sang the timeless song, “he loves me, he loves me not” as each petal was stripped away.

While the Victorian song centered upon the daisy can still be heard throughout schoolyards today, this flower was an enigma far before the Victorian period.
Roman legend purports that the nymph Belides transformed into a daisy in order to avoid the overbearing attention of the god Vertumnus.

Belides was successful in tricking Vertumnus for the time being, which may be one reason why numerous brides believe that the daisy is a true captivator of both love and virtue.

Pink Daisies’ Color and Meanings

Ever since the Victorian days, colored flowers symbolize certain significant meanings. White often symbolizes innocence and purity, while red almost always means love and attraction. Pink is an interesting color that represents the middle of innocence and love.

Pink is representative of calmness, peace, tranquility, and contentment. While pink is not as bold as red, this soft hue also represents universal love and acceptance. To this day, pink is one of the most popular bridal colors. Many brides find the soothing qualities of the innocent pink daisy to be entirely reflective of their new life path.

Most brides settle on the pink Gerbera Daisy as the flower of their choice, though there are other daisy varieties that are beautiful. Nonetheless, the Gerbera variety remains immensely popular due to its unparalleled sophisticated look.

Pink Gerbera Daisies’ Birth

The Gerbera daisy was born out of the sunflower plant. Named after Traugott Gerber (a German naturalist), the Gerbera grows extensively in South America, Africa, Madagascar, and Asia. Interestingly, the first form of this daisy ever recorded was in a copy of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine that was published in 1889.

Today, this flower is often crossed with various other brands of Gerberas (there are over 30 different species) in order to produce brilliant colors. These lovely flowers can be found in white, yellow, orange, red, and of course, pink. Most of these flowers contain a yellow center, but black centers can also be found.

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