Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cosmos flowers

Cosmos flowers will usually bloom in early autumn. Cosmos flowers are also used as the cherry blossoms in autumn. It is beautiful, especially when we’re in a meadow filled with a gentle breeze cosmos.
Cosmos is a plant native shrubs and grasslands in Mexico, United States, the United States and others. This flower is growing fast enough to a height of 4-5 feet. Some varieties can even reach up to six feet at the end of the summer. Cosmos flower color of this variety, there are white, pink, orange, yellow, purple and red. This flower is similar to a daisy if he is pink, red, white, and lavender with a contrasting yellow center. Long leaves. The leaves will look very attractive, almost similar to the ferns.
Cosmos prefer full sun and shade. Cosmos flowers can survive in dry areas. Add fertilizer once or twice a season. Cosmos is one flower that is easy ditanama and also usually free of pests. Cosmos flowers can be planted in the back of borders and grouped against the fence. Cosmos flowers can also be used as cut flowers. In addition cosmos flowers can also be used as a garland.

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