Sunday, September 25, 2011

Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

A landscape design does not look complete, unless you incorporate the beautiful maple as a specimen tree or in the boundary. Nearly all types of maple trees are prized for their beautiful leaf shape and their color changes in different seasons. The autumn blaze maple tree is remarkable for vibrant red coloration of leaves with the arrival of fall season.
With its spectacular fall color, this maple tree has gained huge popularity amongst gardening enthusiasts all over the globe.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree: Information
The autumn blaze maple is a hybrid of the two popular maple trees, the silver maple and the red maple tree. Represented scientifically as Acer x freemanii, it possesses several positive traits, making it one of the best landscaping trees. If you are impressed with the aesthetic value of autumn blaze maple, include it in your yard and appreciate its beauty in each season. Various aspects of autumn blaze maple tree, which you ought to know for its healthy maintenance are highlighted below.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Leaf
The autumn blaze maple leaf is five lobed and remains medium green in the growing season; while the color transforms to bright, orange red color in autumn. The colorful leaves fall during winter, after which new, green leaves develop in spring. The preferable growing conditions for healthy leaf and root are well-drained, fertile soil and full sun or partial shade condition.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Propagation
Like other maple tree varieties, propagation of autumn blaze maple is mostly carried out with rooted cuttings. Young trees of about 6-7 feet are available in horticultural centers. While purchasing them, select those with healthy leaves and well-developed root system. Take guidelines from the horticulturist about planting and caring directions.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Root System
The root system of autumn blaze maple is shallow, with some visible surface roots. If you are planting more than one tree, leave sufficient room for each of them. It has stronger branches (like the red maple tree) that are resistant to strong winds and storms. The new branches become red during winter months.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Growing
The best part with autumn blaze maple is adaptability to different types of soil and climatic conditions (zone 3-9). Except for extreme cold condition, maple tree planting can be done in spring or any time of the year. Make a planting hole (2-3 times larger than the root ball) and place the root section in the hole. Cover root with soil and lightly press soil near the stem.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Care
Stake newly planted trees and water them regularly for quick establishment. Mulching is preferred for retaining soil moisture and avoiding water stress. During prolonged dry spells, infrequent but deep watering is needed for autumn blaze maple tree. In active growing season, fertilize it with a complete formulation, rich in iron and magnesium. Pruning the weak branches is best done in late winter or early spring.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Problems
Being a hybrid cultivar does not mean that there are no autumn blaze maple tree diseases. No doubt, it is resistant to leafhopper and common pests.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Growth rate
When we say landscaping trees, many hobbyists are laid back with the slow development of trees. Indeed, you can enjoy the view of a full grown tree after several years of plantation. With this ornamental maple tree variety, you need not worry as it grows speedily. The autumn blaze maple growth rate is recorded to be 3 feet or more per year.
At maturity, your autumn blaze maple will measure about 50 to 60 feet in height and 30 to 40 feet in spread. Since it adapts well in shade and high traffic areas, this tree is planted in roads, public recreation centers, monumental parks and other crowded locations.
But some of the reported autumn blaze maple problems are iron chlorosis, leaf browning, leaf necrosis, bacterial blight, fusarium wilt, and infestations by spider mites, aphids and caterpillar.
In short, you won't have difficulty in growing autumn blaze maple tree. In appreciation of its various positive features, the autumn blaze maple is relegated many times as the urban tree by plant enthusiasts.

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