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Liatris spicata,Scabiosa

Liatris spicata is a plant that originated from North America. This flower has several colors such as purple and white. This flower has a long rod shape and atits peak there were little flowers that bloom.
Liatris Flowers is able to survive up to 14 days, then used as cut flowers. This interest can also be as a wedding flower bouquet.

We live set it with the other beautiful flowers and the result will be a nice bouquet.

Avoid the shade for Liatris flowers. This flower can be planted in ordinary garden soil, to improve the drainage can be added sand. Liatris flowers can bear short-term drought. This plant is easily grown in various environments. Liatris own high interest to 50-80 cm.

Scabiosa from Europe and spread to Asia. This flower is covered with a thin and light hair. Commonly grown in the late spring until winter. The trunk has a slender shape with a length between 20 to 25 cm.
Scabiosa flower color between gray, purple or lilac corolla. This flower is cultivated in the garden for flowering in a long time and a lot. There is also a kind of hybrid. SS. African somewhat less harsh and leaves as well as higher interest rates to 2-fold.
Scabiosa flower like places with full sun. But it does not matter if it is placed in the half shade. He has a bright color of leaves, is lost during the winter. And back again during the spring. This means that this interest will not stand the cold. Scabiosa flowers are also not so fond of water.

Honeysuckle Plants

Honeysuckle Plants
Honeysuckle plants belong to the genus Lonicera and family Caprifoliaceae. There are around 200 species of honeysuckles that include both shrubs and vines. Both bush and vine honeysuckles belong to the family Caprifoliaceae and genus Lonicera. Though, not a true honeysuckle, but three species in the genus Diervilla are also sometimes known as bush honeysuckles, as they share similar characteristics with the original plant.
While the honeysuckle vines are usually grown on trellises, fences, etc. bush honeysuckles are perfect for hedges, as ornamental plants or as accent plants. This article deals with the various aspects of honeysuckle bush.
Honeysuckle plants can either be vines of bush. There are around 200 species of honeysuckles and many of them are commonly grown in flower gardens. Most of the plants are native to China and the remaining ones originated in some parts of Europe and North America. There are both deciduous and evergreen honeysuckles. Most of these plants have opposite leaves and bell or trumpet-shaped flowers. The flowers have a sweet fragrance and are visually appealing too. The color of the flowers vary with species. Honeysuckle fruits too vary in color and species, as per the variety.
Most of these plants bear red, blue or black berries, that are found to be poisonous (with some exceptions). The most popular and commonly grown honeysuckles include Lonicera sempervirens (coral honeysuckle, trumpet honeysuckle), Lonicera periclymenum (otherwise known as European Honeysuckle or woodbine), Lonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle, white honeysuckle, or Chinese honeysuckle). The popular honeysuckle bush varieties are fragrant honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima), amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) and morrow honeysuckle (Lonicera morrowii).
How to Care for Honeysuckle?
In general, honeysuckles are easy to grow and require less care. As mentioned above, honeysuckle bush is perfect for making hedges, screens and borders. They can also be used as accent plants or standalone ones in landscaping. Some people use honeysuckle for preventing erosion of soil. These plants can thrive in almost all types of soil, that are well-drained, but, they prefer sunny locations. Usually, they are planted during fall.
Water is not a necessity for honeysuckle bush, but, occasional watering is advisable during dry weather. You can also use fertilizers once a month, during dry weather. However, these plants have a tendency to grow rapidly and spread over the place. This may affect the survival of other plants in the area, as it will be completely taken over by this plant. So, pruning is necessary for most of these plants to check their uncontrolled growth and spreading tendency.
How to Prune a Honeysuckle Bush?
Honeysuckle bush pruning is usually done after the flowering season that runs between April to June. Once the flowering is over, prune the plants by the end of June. The cuts should be made at 45 degree angles and about ¼ inch above the bud. Make sure not to prune more than one third of the plant's height.
You can go for severe pruning once in every two to three years. Do this pruning during the last part of summer. If you could not prune the plant during this season, you may do a little bit of trimming during early spring. Any sort of pruning or trimming during the flowering season is not recommended.
Now, you have a basic idea about honeysuckle bush care. You can get this plant from your local nursery and grow them in your garden. There are many varieties of honeysuckle with different colored flowers to choose from. The most important factor about growing this plant is to ensure time to time trimming and pruning, so as to prevent wild overgrowth.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clivia Flower

Clivia plant, a small bushy shrub, native to Natal, South Africa, was named after Lady Charlotte Florentina Clive, Duchess of Northumberland, who was the granddaughter of Robert Clive. Clivia is actually pronounced by many as the name Clive. Clivias originally belonged to South Africa but are now grown in most parts of Australia, from Tasmania to the Tropics, and in colder mountain areas. Blooming clivia plants can enhance the beauty of your garden as they hold the clusters of vibrant yellow throated, orange or salmon trumpet flowers on stalks above the clump of dark green strap-like leaves. Here are the facts about clivia flower and clivia plant.

Clivia Flower
Clivia is also known as "Winter Lily" because of its winter blooming. Clivia is one amongst the most popular lily houseplants which is used to decorate homes, offices, gardens, all over the world. Flowering plants of clivia exhibit a rich bulbous flora. Many societies have been established for giving information about clivia's growth habits and care. The stem of clivia plant is thick and is surrounded by long linear leaves. Clivia flower appears on top, in the form of a beautiful bouquet. Clivia flower is almost similar in appearance to the amaryllis flower, except it is smaller and the cluster has more flowers. A clivia plant grows about 2-3 feet tall. Leaves are produced in an alternate sequence. A well grown, healthy clivia plant can have at least three to four shoots which come up straight from the base point. The clivia flower stalks have no leaves and they may be about 20-inch tall, depending upon the variety of clivia. The flowering stem stalk is always close to the center of the plant, hidden when small, among the rich green foliage.
The old varieties of clivias discovered in the forests were mostly of orange and yellow flowers but some pastels, red and very rare varieties like yellow nobilis and caulescens, have been discovered recently. The originally discovered plants are being improved over a number of years and a wide range of colors and even crosses between the four original well known types, have now gained popularity. Clivia Miniata, is perhaps the most popular type which carries upright florets. The other four-five types have pendulous florets. Clivia Gardenii flowers during autumn, while Miniata, Caulescens, Nobilis and Mirabilis flower in Spring. Clivia seed is generally harvested during June and sold or exchanged amongst growers until September each year as the growers wish to grow the 'best' clivia. Clivia's multiplication is possible through sprigs by separating the bulbs growing at the stem's base. The separation can only be done late in spring, after the blooming.
Clivia Flower and Plant Facts
Common Name: Clivia or Kaffir lily
Botanic Name: Clivia miniata
The Plant Needs: Water in spring and summer, in summer shade, mulch and good drainage
Best Look: Clivia flowers look best when planted in clumps beneath a tree. These plants need a shady position, so can be planted on the shaded side of the house.
The Plant Hates: Hot, dry conditions burn or bleach leaves, can not tolerate frost and snow
Folliage: Lush green foliage all year round. New varieties have variegated foliage which is more disease prone. Other newer species have wider and lusher leaves that add a more fresh feel to the garden.
Flowering: Miniata, Gardenii and Caulescens seedlings usually flower at three to four year while yellow varieties may require a slightly longer period. 'Nobilis' take considerably longer time and can only flower after seven or eight years.
Plantation: The best time to plant clivia is during spring and early summer, you may plant them successfully, any time throughout the year. The plants should be transplanted during the second half of spring to early Summer. The transplanted flowering sized plants may skip one flowering season, but they may flower the next spring.
Good Points: Cut clivia flowers last long. Seed heads after flowering ripen in the following winter and they also look decorative. Clivia plant requires low maintenance for a lush look. The clivia plant can flourish against the root competition under shallow-rooted palms.
Resting Period: Clivia plant needs a resting period of about 6 to 8 weeks during winter, for regular blooming. During this time, you should shift clivia to a cold place (between 8 and 10 degrees centigrade). It will require less water and you should not fertilize it during this time.
Best Climate: Clivias are grow in a wide range of climatic conditions but you need to offer them shelter from cold or frost in cool or frost prone areas. Clivia houseplant is grown in pots which can be kept under a shelter or a glasshouse during very cold winter. Tasmania clivias require protection from frost and extreme cold. If the plants are grown directly under full sun, in warmer climates, they may dry out and may become bleached and stressed.
Care: Seedlings take about 4-5 years to flower. Try to keep the soil dry in autumn and winter and water the plant well in spring and summer. A complete fertilizer can be used in spring. You should fertilize clivia soil once in 2 or 3 weeks in summer. Dead head of clivia flower can be removed or left as it is, for the formation of seed.
Growing Clivia: Clivia needs full light, but it should never be under direct sunlight. Constant temperature of 18 and 20 degrees can result in good flowering. You should water the plant twice per week in summer and once in a week in winter. Over-watering clivia can lead to rotten roots. You should not keep clivia in a warm place during winter, as it will not flower. A potting mix containing leaves, soil and sand is good for clivia. You should add some fresh soil each year for good growth and better flowering.
Clivia Flower Colors: Brilliantly colored flowers - bright oranges, apricots, reds and yellows are currently very fashionable. Pale cream or white clivia is rare at present. Newer varieties of clivia flower are available in red-orange and yellow color. Bi-colored clivia flower, for instance orange clivia flower with a strong yellow in the center is also available.
Cost: Yellow flowering clivias are not readily available in nurseries and so are extremely expensive (from $50 to $60 for a small plant). Potted plants of orange varieties of clivias in flower are available at local nurseries from $15 to $25 for a 20cm (8") pot and a 15cm (6") pot is around $9-$12. Flowering plants can cost more than $100. Clivia seeds can cost $8 to $10 per seed.
I find this beautiful clivia flower very attractive. Clivia flower graces floral gardens in America, Belgium, Australia, China and on a smaller scale some other countries. I would like to encourage all clivia lovers to join a nearby clivia club.

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Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

Les fleurs sont incroyables et une partie inévitable de décoration de mariage! Qu'il s'agisse d'une accrocheuse centre de table de mariage ou un bouquet de mariée beau, les fleurs sont magnifiques éléments décoratifs qui ajoutent de la beauté et le romantisme à la noce. Décider des arrangements de fleurs pour la décoration de mariage est en effet une tâche difficile avec autant d'éléments à considérer, comme la saison des mariages, thème de mariage, budget de mariage, etc
Certaines fleurs sont disponibles en quantité abondante dans une saison particulière, comme, automne ou au printemps. Choisir fleurs de saison telles basée peuvent aider à disponibilité et prix économique. En savoir plus sur les fleurs de mariée.
Si vous prévoyez vous marier au printemps ou en automne, hortensias sont les plus belles fleurs qui peuvent être utilisés pour votre décoration de mariage. Bloom Hortensias dans la période entre le début du printemps et de fin de l'automne et, par conséquent, sont un choix parfait pour les mariages de printemps et d'automne. Ces fleurs sont très simples et ont de petites fleurs groupées qui ressemblent à des pompons. Les hortensias sont polyvalents et sont disponibles en différentes couleurs, ils sont donc parfaits pour faire des fleurs des bouquets de mariage. Ci-dessous quelques idées et suggestions sur les bouquets de mariage d'hortensia.
Idées hortensia bouquet de mariage
Comme mentionné précédemment, les fleurs d'hortensias sont disponibles en différentes couleurs, qui comprennent les nuances de, violet, rose, bleu et blanc. Grâce à une telle variété de couleurs, ces fleurs peuvent être utilisées dans de nombreuses façons de créer des bouquets de mariage élégant. Bouquet de mariée Hydrangea peuvent être préparés par mélange et la combinaison correspond d'hortensias différents. Hortensia et autres fleurs peuvent être disposées pour former un bouquet dispersés, où hortensias peuvent être combinés avec d'autres fleurs de mariage, comme, rose, lys, marguerites, etc Mophead, Lacecap, Annabelle, feuille de chêne et de pannicule existe cinq variétés de base de l'hortensia.
Chacune de ces variétés est disponible en différentes couleurs, comme mophead est disponible en rose et bleu, tandis que Annabelle est disponible uniquement en couleur blanche. Les fleurs qui relèvent pannicule, sont en forme de cône et sont tout à fait différent des autres variétés. Ainsi, nous pouvons dire que ces fleurs sont très polyvalents et sont de plus populaire en raison de leur apparence simple mais splendide. Maintenant, laissez-nous jeter un oeil à une simple méthode de préparation de bouquet de mariage d'hortensia.
Faire des bouquets de mariage d'hortensia
Pour faire ce bouquet d'hortensias, vous aurez besoin, bébé respire, porte-bouquet avec de la mousse, ruban rose, les feuilles et le rose polycia hortensias colorés. Avant de commencer la préparation de ce bouquet, faire tremper le porte-bouquet dans l'eau puis laisser absorber quantité maximum d'eau. Une fois que l'eau absorbe titulaire bouquet, organiser des feuilles ploycia, de manière à former une col rond autour de la porte-bouquet. Ensuite, prendre le bébé respire et les arranger pour former un plus col-dessus des feuilles polycia. Alors que l'organisation de ces feuilles et le bébé respire, assurez-vous laisser assez d'espace pour les fleurs d'hortensia.
Faire bouquets de mariée avec des hortensias est très facile, puisque la forme naturelle de ces fleurs est comme un bouquet. Mais il ya quelques inconvénients à l'aide d'hortensias. Ces fleurs sont sensibles et déshydrater très rapidement à cause de la chaleur. Par conséquent, vous devez commander les bouquets juste avant le mariage.
Les tiges d'hortensias sont faibles et peuvent causer des fleurs à la baisse. Ainsi, vous devez utiliser des bases solides pour la préparation de bouquets de mariage d'hortensia. Mais, en dépit de tous ces inconvénients, beaucoup de mariées choisissent des hortensias, pour bouquets de mariage, en raison de leur beauté exotique naturel. J'espère que ces idées vous aideront à concevoir votre bouquet de mariage d'hortensia.
Après arrangement des feuilles et le bébé respire, insérer le ruban rose à travers le fil floraux sur le titulaire du bouquet. Ensuite, découpez les petites branches d'hortensias et ensuite les insérer sur le porte-bouquet pour former une forme de boule. Afin de garantir la forme ronde du bouquet, insérez les fleurs en tenant le bouquet de manière verticale afin qu'il soit face à vous.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Spring to Winter

March 25, 2009. Spring means one thing to me: birds dancing. Each spring, I listen carefully for the unmistakable sound of my favorite forest-dwelling shorebird, the American woodcock, Scolopax minor. On a recent stroll through the park at dusk, I heard it—a sweet nasal beep coming from the edge of a clearing. Peent.
This was followed by another more insistent peent about five to six seconds later. The distinct outline of a male American woodcock was visible as he cavorted on the snow in the midst of his elaborate mate-attracting dance.
After one more insistent call, I watched the sky above me for his spiraling upward flight. I could hear the twitter of his wings as he climbed higher and higher into the increasing dusk. As he descended back to earth, the twittering sound increased, complemented by chirping. He zigzagged and dove down to where he started, chirping with fervor. After a brief silence, he began his sky dance again.
Although the American woodcock is elusive the remainder of the year, the males begin their courtship in late March. If temperatures permit, the males will dance for 45 minutes every dawn and dusk until the first week of June, long after the females have nested. If you would like to catch this ritual of spring first-hand, find an open field bordered by trees.
At dusk, sit quietly with binoculars and listen for the distinctive buzzing call and twitter of the male in mid-dance. Although the male may appear unperturbed by your presence, be sure to give him at least 50 yards of space so that you don’t deter the females waiting in the wings.
February 18, 2009. Although winter in Acadia seems long to all those who yearn for spring, it may feel even longer for some frozen fauna. Many animals that frequent the park in winter have unique strategies for survival. While we are all dreaming of more daylight and the first spring flowers, other animals patiently await the spring thaw.
Buried beneath a thin layer of leaf litter and a rime of snow and ice, small wood frogs wait out winter as frog-popsicles. Although they are unable to travel south, burrow beneath the frost line, or make their own heat, wood frogs survive the cold because they are freeze tolerant. Like the spring peeper and chorus frog, wood frogs are land hibernators that overwinter in a frozen state. In early winter, as evening temperatures plummet, wood frogs prepare their own special antifreeze.
Once the wood frog begins to freeze, its liver rapidly converts glycogen to glucose. The nearly frozen frog becomes diabetic. The frog’s heart rate rapidly increases to pump glucose throughout the body. The glucose acts as antifreeze to protect the frog’s cells from bursting from ice crystal formation. The frog’s heart slows, and it snuggles down into the leaf litter to wait out winter.
Once spring arrives, the snow melts, daylight lengthens, and wood frogs, spring peepers, and chorus frogs emerge rapidly from hibernation to begin mating. Within an hour of thawing, the frog’s heart resumes beating, and within six hours, the frog begins its spring-time chorus.
For now, the wood frog remains frozen under a blanket of ice, dreaming of spring. As you explore Acadia’s winter landscape, think of the wood frog-popsicles waiting nearby.
November 14, 2008. Howdy. My name is Todd Edgar, and I'm the graphics and technology ranger at Acadia National Park. Welcome to Acadia's winter blog. As winter sets in, you'll find blog entries from different staff members who will share some of the interesting things they see and do.
As we make the transition from fall to winter, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the temperature is beginning to drop. I've noticed some of the wildlife in Acadia also undergoing changes with the season. A loon on Jordan Pond was sporting its winter plumage. On a recent early morning drive to park headquarters, I spotted a fox that felt comfortable cruising along the edge of the Park Loop Road, as there is a lot less traffic during this time of year. And park visitors are sporting their stocking caps as they gear up for winter, too.
Through this blog, we hope to share what winter is like in the park, as well as the activities you can do in the winter season. Stay tuned for further entries, which we'll try to make each week.
If you aren't a fan of winter, check out Acadia's eCruise, a virtual tour of the park as it is seen from and shaped by the waters surrounding Mount Desert Island. It will remind you of warmer times of the year—and it just won first place at the media awards ceremony at the 2008 National Association of Interpretation national workshop!

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Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

A landscape design does not look complete, unless you incorporate the beautiful maple as a specimen tree or in the boundary. Nearly all types of maple trees are prized for their beautiful leaf shape and their color changes in different seasons. The autumn blaze maple tree is remarkable for vibrant red coloration of leaves with the arrival of fall season.
With its spectacular fall color, this maple tree has gained huge popularity amongst gardening enthusiasts all over the globe.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree: Information
The autumn blaze maple is a hybrid of the two popular maple trees, the silver maple and the red maple tree. Represented scientifically as Acer x freemanii, it possesses several positive traits, making it one of the best landscaping trees. If you are impressed with the aesthetic value of autumn blaze maple, include it in your yard and appreciate its beauty in each season. Various aspects of autumn blaze maple tree, which you ought to know for its healthy maintenance are highlighted below.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Leaf
The autumn blaze maple leaf is five lobed and remains medium green in the growing season; while the color transforms to bright, orange red color in autumn. The colorful leaves fall during winter, after which new, green leaves develop in spring. The preferable growing conditions for healthy leaf and root are well-drained, fertile soil and full sun or partial shade condition.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Propagation
Like other maple tree varieties, propagation of autumn blaze maple is mostly carried out with rooted cuttings. Young trees of about 6-7 feet are available in horticultural centers. While purchasing them, select those with healthy leaves and well-developed root system. Take guidelines from the horticulturist about planting and caring directions.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Root System
The root system of autumn blaze maple is shallow, with some visible surface roots. If you are planting more than one tree, leave sufficient room for each of them. It has stronger branches (like the red maple tree) that are resistant to strong winds and storms. The new branches become red during winter months.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Growing
The best part with autumn blaze maple is adaptability to different types of soil and climatic conditions (zone 3-9). Except for extreme cold condition, maple tree planting can be done in spring or any time of the year. Make a planting hole (2-3 times larger than the root ball) and place the root section in the hole. Cover root with soil and lightly press soil near the stem.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Care
Stake newly planted trees and water them regularly for quick establishment. Mulching is preferred for retaining soil moisture and avoiding water stress. During prolonged dry spells, infrequent but deep watering is needed for autumn blaze maple tree. In active growing season, fertilize it with a complete formulation, rich in iron and magnesium. Pruning the weak branches is best done in late winter or early spring.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Problems
Being a hybrid cultivar does not mean that there are no autumn blaze maple tree diseases. No doubt, it is resistant to leafhopper and common pests.
Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Growth rate
When we say landscaping trees, many hobbyists are laid back with the slow development of trees. Indeed, you can enjoy the view of a full grown tree after several years of plantation. With this ornamental maple tree variety, you need not worry as it grows speedily. The autumn blaze maple growth rate is recorded to be 3 feet or more per year.
At maturity, your autumn blaze maple will measure about 50 to 60 feet in height and 30 to 40 feet in spread. Since it adapts well in shade and high traffic areas, this tree is planted in roads, public recreation centers, monumental parks and other crowded locations.
But some of the reported autumn blaze maple problems are iron chlorosis, leaf browning, leaf necrosis, bacterial blight, fusarium wilt, and infestations by spider mites, aphids and caterpillar.
In short, you won't have difficulty in growing autumn blaze maple tree. In appreciation of its various positive features, the autumn blaze maple is relegated many times as the urban tree by plant enthusiasts.

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Spring Wedding Flowers in Season

Spring Wedding Flowers in Season
Anemone * Blue, red, pink, white * Jan-May and Aug-Dec.
Bells of Ireland * Green * January-October
Boronia * Pink * April-May
Casa Blanca Lily * White * January-October
Daffodil * Yellow * January-Early May
Delphinium * White, Blue * April- October
Hyacinth * Purple, Pink or White
Lilacs * Violet or White
Narcissus * White
Peony * Pink or White * Late Spring – Early Summer
Ranunculus * white, pink, red, orange and yellow * February-May
Star Gazer Lily * Pink and White * January-October
Sweetpea * white, pink, red/coral, and lavender/purple * December-May
Tulip * Many colors, including white, pink, yellow, red, and purple * December-April
Waxflower * pinky purple and white
Summer Wedding Flowers in Season
Alstromeria * orange, pink, yellow and cream, other colors
Bells of Ireland * Green * January-October
Chrysanthemum * White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, other colors
English Lavender * Purple
Forget-me-not * Blue
Freesia * White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple
Gerbera Daisy * Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, White
Hydrangea * White, Blue, Purple, Pink
Iris * Purple, Blue, White
Larkspur * White, Purple, Blue, Pink
Liatris * Pinkish Purple
Lily, asiatic * White, Pink, Yellow, Orange
Lily, oriental * White, Pink
Lisianthus * Purple, White, Pink
Matsumoto Asters * Pink, Purple
Monte Casino Asters * White, Purple
Queen Anne's Lace * White
Snapdragons * Pink, Yellow, Orange, White, Other Colors
Solidaster * Yellow
Statice * Purple
Stephanotis * White
Stock * White, Other Colors
Sunflower * Yellow
Tuberose * White
Yarrow * White, Pink, Yellow
Zinnia * Red, Orange, Pink

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Flowers to cure certain diseases

Ayurveda uses flowers to cure certain diseases. Flowers play an important role in our lives. Flowers of various hues and colours soothe your mood and relax your mind. The fragrance of certain flowers cools you down. Certain flowers can cure diseases when eaten. Following are some flowers used for treating diseases.
Even though many colours of roses are available the original roses are the best ones suited medicinally. This alone has the enchanting fragrance. Rosewater prepared from rose flowers is used as eyedrops to keep away all eye related infections. Kulkund made from rose cures ulcers of the stomach. The powder of dried rose petals acts as excellent laxatives.
Jasmine falls under the category of herbs which cure diseases just by inhaling them. For example, most of the mental disorders decrease in severity on inhaling jasmine flowers. It calms your mind.
Oil obtained from the seeds of sunflower can be applied on acne. This promotes healing without suppuration. When applied on swollen joints it is found to reduce inflammation. Sunflower oil is used in preparing various dishes.
Neem flower
Gather neem flowers during the flowering season, clean and dry them. Powder the flowers and store them. This powder can be used in preparing rasam etc, to cure pitha and vadha related diseases. It also protects the liver.
Shoe flower
The red five petaled shoe flower has excellent medicinal value.
5-10 petals of the shoe flower are chewed. Drink a glass of water. This is found to cure ulcers of stomach. Also white discharge or leukorrhea can be treated this way.
The petals of 4-5 flowers are ground into a paste and mixed in buttermilk. Drinking this buttermilk cleanses your blood. It also strengthens your heart.
For hair fall, premature graying, and baldness etc a preparation made of shoe flower has proved to be beneficial. This is how you prepare it. Put petals of 50 shoe flowers in linseed oil and put this oil in a bottle. Wrap it with a thin white cloth and place it in sunlight for 10 days. Stir the oil once morning and evening. Filter the shoe flower out from linseed oil and mix coconut oil of equal quantity. This should be applied everyday on the scalp to prevent hair fall.
Plantain flower
Known for its excellent diuretic property dishes made of plantain flower are good in curing most of the stomach problems. They are also good at curing hemorrhoids.

Fall Flowers in Season

Autumn, known as fall, is the most romantic season of them all (in my opinion!). It is the season of vibrant and bright colors all around, including the gardens. The festive and attractive colors of the flowers and falling foliage gives a refreshing joy.
Well, fall is generally not associated with gardening but there are many beautiful flowers that bloom in fall and make you really fall for them! They are a great idea for gardening and one can use them as flower beds and find solace in exotic looking gardens when all the other gleaming beauties have faded to the ground.
Knowledge of fall wedding flowers can also make a fall wedding much better. The most anguishing thing is, most of the flower and plant vendors do not really concentrate on fall flowers, like they do for summer or spring flowers. This is the reason why finding fall flowers in season becomes a real quest.
Fall Flowers in Season
Several flowers are available in all seasons throughout the years, like roses, orchids, lilies, sunflowers, anthuriums, gerberas, marigolds, zinnias, etc. Apart from them, here are the best fall flowers in season that can be the best for gardens as well as for the fall wedding decorations.
Chrysanthemums are also called mum. Chrysanthemums must be planted during the spring season to experience full fledged mum flowers. They come in wide range of soothing and warm colors like pink, red, white, orange and bright pink too. There flowers can be used as fall wedding centerpieces or any floral decorations cause they last longer in water as well.
Black-Eyed Susan
These look like sunflowers and are equally beautiful. These are perennial fall flowers for weddings, that live short. They are the most common wildflowers. These flowers are with domed center and bright yellow florets. Any kind of soil is compatible with the black eyed susan and it requires full sunshine. One can plant them at the roadsides, floral gardens and open fields and anywhere that suits his/her taste.
Crown of Rays Goldenrod
Crown of rays is one of the latest species of goldenrod that are very popular as fall flowers in season. They are no more the 'roadside weeds' but they are highly cultivated in gardens, these days. They are a bunch of many small flowers, bright yellow in color that appear just awesome on dense, plum like racemes. They thrive best in sun and must be divided within the interval of 2-3 years, to reduce their extra growth.
Joe Pye Weed
Its common name is joe pye weed but it is the least weedy plant. They are a very graceful sort of fall flowers in season. Flowers of joe pye weed are small, vibrant and dusky pink in color. Some of the most famous cultivars of this flower are phantom and gateway. They mix great with several other late bloomer plants like autumn joy and matrona. these flowers also attract butterflies and is very convenient for the beginners.
One of my favorite of all the fall flowers in season is the stonecrop. It sports bright green foliage during the whole summer and come out with rich burgundy color during the fall. They can be great flower gardens that are combined with rock gardens, as borders. Stonecrop can tolerate a little bit of negligence when provided with full sunlight and 'no-shade-at-all', kind of atmosphere.
Pink Culver's-Root
These are very beautiful Northern American wildflowers, that bear large spiky lilac-mauve flowers from the early summer season to the late fall. These are adaptable to most types of soil and need full sun to thrive at their best. When blossomed, the flowers look somewhat like mermaid's tail. These flowers are 'bird-friendly', they mainly attract butterflies and they make really good 'cut flowers'.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Daylight time and temperature decrease during autumn as a warning for trees and many other organisms- that winter is coming. Many trees lose their leaves; but before that is done the green color of the leaves turns into yellow, red, and orange. These changes do not happen randomly; behind it there is a transformation of the pigments in leaves.
One of the main pigments in leaves is chlorophyll and it absorbs the red and blue light from sunlight that falls on leaves; hence, the leaves reflect the "green light" and that is why leaves appear to be green.
The chlorophyll is part of a bigger structure called chloroplasts. Photosynthesis, a process in which plants transform solar energy into chemical energy, takes place in the chloroplast; furthermore, it is thanks to this chemical energy that plats produce seeds, grow and flower. However, chlorophyll is not a stable compound because sunlight causes it to decompose; hence, plants have to synthesize it continuously.
Nevertheless, this "synthesis" requires sunlight and warm temperatures and that is the reason why it is scarce during autumn.
Carotene is another pigment found in plants; it absorbs blue and blue-green light and hence the light reflected from it appears to be yellow. Carotene is found in the chloroplasts of many plants and when it is paired with chlorophyll both absorb many "lights" and therefore the plant looks green.
The light carotene absorbs is transferred to chlorophyll which uses it during photosynthesis. This compound is a lot more stable than chlorophyll and it remains in the plant eve after chlorophyll is absent. At this point the plant appears to be yellow.
Anthocyanins is pigment that absorbs blue, blue-green, and green light and the light reflected by it causes for the plant to look RED. Anthocyanins, unlike chlorophyll and carotene, are not attached to the cell membranes but are dissolved in the sap.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holiday Party Ideas for Work

No play and only work makes professional life boring and dull. Holiday parties at work are a great way to rub shoulders with office colleagues and your boss too! Party time allows everyone to interact with each other informally and helps in knowing one another better. An office shindig is a way to reward your employees for the hard work and effort they've put in. Get some really awesome holiday party ideas for work to get your office ready for the party!
Holiday Party Ideas for Work
Get Together
It's party time, so gang up to arrange for it. Get everybody together to plan the party. This way you'll get the inputs and ideas. If you have a large organization, form a committee which will help you with it. Additionally, the grumbling will be less if you involve people.
Get Out of Office
Confined space of the office is routine and monotonous. Get away from the computer screens, desks, post-its and other office equipment. Do something out of the box to make your party interesting. You can take your employees camping or indulge in some recreational management activities. In case your budget is small, you can utilize the terrace for the same.
Discover the Joy of Giving
As it's the holiday season, gift your employees. They need not be expensive gifts, but little souvenirs like unique corporate gifts, will make them feel special and work wonders to motivate them. Candles, mementos or home decor items make real good gifts for your employees. More on corporate gifts.

Corporate Holiday Gift Basket
Corporate Gift Baskets
Other Holiday Party Ideas for Work
Office Holiday Party Ideas
Considering that it's an office, the number of people will be small. You can have themes like 'Let it Snow', where you can have fake snow and give out Santa caps. Another interesting theme is 'Enter the Winter Wonderland', wherein you can create a wonderland out of office stationary, like cut out fairies and Grinch. Have balloon bouquets everywhere and have fun with party games.
Corporate Holiday Party Ideas
You can have a little elegant theme for corporate holiday party ideas. For this you'll need to send out elegant invitations, but refrain from e-invitations, as they'll spoil the charm. Have someone deliver them at the desks too! Have a cocktail hour, followed by dinner time and a small speech by the boss to thank everyone.
Company Holiday Party Ideas
A company can be big or small. As per the size decide the venue. You can have a 'Holiday Dance Party', wherein you can create a dance floor with shiny disco balls. Let everyone hit the dance floor and bounce back with holiday fervor. Hire a DJ to play rocking music and keep your employees in high spirits (pun intended)!
Planning an office party is a difficult task. However, it's not an impossible one. If you can run a company, you sure can arrange a holiday party in your workplace. While planning, there are few important points to be considered. Always send out invitations with R.S.V.P, so that you have the exact head count of employees attending it.
Once you have the headcount, book the venue and the caterers well in advance, as it's quite likely that they might run out, considering it's holiday season. There might be some people who may not turn up in spite of informing. Don't get disheartened, as there's always some other time. More on party planning tips.
Working out holiday party ideas for work, is an opportunity for you to connect with your employees better than ever. It's a unique way of building your brand too. The most valuable outcome of having a holiday party at work is that, the employees feel wanted and cared for. This improves their performance and eventually yours. So why not invest well in a party? The return on investment is guaranteed!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Christmas parties

The Christmas parties in my hometown have always been simple get-togethers that have only been attended by immediate family members and a few close friends. Today this is a ritual with only minute changes here and there. Whenever I close my eyes whatever be the time of the year, I can picture the church decorated and lit up on Christmas Eve, with the congregation singing Christmas carols loud and clear. Voices rising in unison and creating magic, this is what Christmas means to me – praise!
The Christmas party at my granny’s place usually begins at around 9 pm, after church. The evening begins with the exchange of gifts and the consumption of wine, roast, marzipan, rice, curries and rum cake with icing and the works. As is gets late into the night, we go to this large field below granny’s house; there we place ourselves on these plain wooden benches, and wrap ourselves in shawls (cloaks) to escape the cold breeze that blows at this part of the year. Then we light a bon fire, read His word and sing carols and just as the clock strikes 12, we hug and greet each other and burst crackers. A simple Christmas, but one that binds us together to this day! Now that I have told you about my Christmas party let me proceed with Christmas party ideas that you can include in your celebrations.
Holiday Spirit Christmas Party Ideas
Decorations - Use simple Christmas decorations like Christmas colored tablecloths, plates and napkins. You could dress someone up like Santa. I am sure the children would surely appreciate it.
Invitations - Print out Christmas trees, Santa’s or stars and glue them on cardstock paper to make Christmas party invitations. Once this is done, write a small note inviting your guests. You could also be more creative and add glitter and sequins too.
Food - Go ahead and tickle everyone’s taste buds. To do this, you could include star shaped cheese and crackers, cookie cutter sandwiches, veggies and dip and not to forget the Christmas cookies, peppermint ice cream and decorated cupcakes for dessert.
Games - A nice Christmas party game is musical chairs, which is a game enjoyed by grown ups and children alike. Hide the stars is also a good option. In this game, the ornaments are hidden before the party. The children are then divided into teams and sent searching for the ornaments.
Snowflake Christmas Party Ideas
Decorations - Use Styrofoam to make the snowman and snowflakes.
Invitations - Plain cardstock paper and glitters will help make beautiful snowflake Christmas party invitations.
Food - Some snowflake and snowman cookies decorated with white frosting and something colorful would be appealing to the eyes. The kids would certainly like some additions like drinks, pizza and sundae bars.
Games - One of the Christmas party games that can be played is Gloves. For this game all you need is inexpensive gloves. Provide these to the children so that they can design it with rings, beads and glitters. Another game in which the children will have a good time is snowflakes. In this game all you will have to do is to provide the children with materials to make their own snowflakes.
Christmas celebrations with Frosty
Decoration -
Make a snowman outdoors as part of the decoration. Use a snowman decorator at the entrance as well as snowman mat for the guests and family members who enter from outside. You can use this opportunity to display your child’s creative talent, so go ahead, have them draw snowman and display them on the door or the window.
Dress up your table and the room with all kinds of snowmen paraphernalia.
Invitations - Print out snowman pictures and glue them to cardstock paper. Use some nice words to inform your guests about the theme, time and venue.
Food - Serve eggnog for grown ups. For the kids, serve them some beverages, like hot chocolate. For snacks you could include sandwiches, cookies and cakes.
Games - The children can have fun in the outdoors as well as the indoors too. Give them some paper, glitter, glue and markers and ask them to make their own snowmen. Once they are done, take a picture of each child next to their project. You could also take pictures of your guests standing next to the snowman.
Christmas Candy land
Decorations - Begin at the door and proceed inside. Add candy cane decor to the ceiling and the wall. For this you can either purchase candy cane cutouts from the market or you can make them at home too.
Invitations - One idea of a candy invitation is to print out the regular invitations and include a candy cane in the envelope or create the invitation with a candy cane theme. You could also deliver a personalized holiday candy bar wrapper to inform them about the "taste" of what is going to happen at the party.
Food - You could include many different things in the menu, such as cookies, cupcakes, ice creams, chocolate and soufflé.
Games - Let the kids make candy necklaces, they have fun and this way you have some colorful strings of candy to display. Give the little kids crayons and paper while you can let the bigger kids stir the batter, add glitter and icing or cutout shapes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beautiful sterling

Beautiful sterling silver pendants with Unique Skills Among the many ornaments of women, sterling silver pendants are the most striking, many people often only care about style sterling silver pendants, and neglect with their face, skin color coordinated match. Here are several aspects to tell you how to choose to suit their sterling silver pendants. The first one: According to face election sterling silver pendants. A suitable earring, on the face can play a good modification.
Face is too large: should not use round sterling silver pendants, it is best to wear large sterling silver pendants or a triangle, teardrop-shaped sterling silver pendants, to reduce the broad sense of the cheek. Round face: can a foil-shaped sterling silver pendants and long sterling silver pendants drape and shape the upper and lower stretch of the visual effects; it seems more mature and pretty. Oval face: The oval face is the matter, the traditional standard of Oriental women face shape.
Effects wear any shape sterling silver pendants are good Oh, but pay attention to the size of the sterling silver pendants to be consistent with their overall feel. Oval outline of the softer, so if you select similar contour shape sterling silver pendants, such as pearls, teardrop-shaped, circle or oval-shaped sterling silver pendants are the best and simple.
Square face: proper selection of elliptical, flower-shaped, heart-shaped sterling silver pendants can be well moderated and modified face water chestnut. Long face: the best selection of tight circular sterling silver pendants ears, reduce the sense of vertical extension.
Heart-shaped face: the face is more pointed chin, you can choose the kind of bottom width, top and narrow sterling silver pendants, to balance the feeling of sharp chin, drop-shaped, triangular or sterling silver pendants are suitable. In addition, if the larger lobe, you can choose fine sterling silver pendants; lobe smaller MM, should be chosen slightly larger sterling silver pendants, eye-catching look so conspicuous. The second measure: According to the color selection Sterling silver pendants
Also note that the choice of sterling silver pendants and the color coordination, oh. Color than the white man: lucky you actually are suitable for any color you, with red, light pink, olive, etc., very nice to say. In addition, the universal color - gold, suitable for all types of skin! The third measure: and clothing with Dresses: choose fringed, both arranged by the spikes made sterling silver pendants, echoing the elegant and feminine skirt.
Loose fitting clothing or a coat: no spike and button should be selected, polygonal, irregular-shaped ear sterling silver pendants, reduce the negative sense superfluous. Dress: wear at social occasions, dress, choose Bead sterling silver pendants. It is mostly spherical, drops, heart-shaped, with very short metal connector down on the ear.
Gorgeous dress texture Liqun, the best choice for the gorgeous sterling silver pendants sparkling glory echo contrast. Ethnic clothing: The best choice of national styles of sterling silver pendants, usually put together for the arrangement of small beads made of a bright color, retro, vary in length of the match. The fourth one: according to the season / holiday sterling silver pendants election In general, for the summer, you can choose to wear sterling silver pendants light texture, size may be, can give a cool, easy-going feeling. Winter wear sterling silver pendants, silver is best to prime category as well, both steady and generous. Encounter special occasions, the subject of sterling silver pendants to wear commensurate with it.
Such as Christmas or Christmas bear snowman wearing shiny like theme sterling silver pendants, keep them coming back Oh 200% guaranteed. Fifth move: trends hold elections Sterling silver pendants
This year's popular style and color of sterling silver pendants is a common product of all forms of large and small circle sterling silver pendants by personality type independent, forthright, simple elegant female friends like it, its a king size ear ring in the stars raised under wearing a popular whirlwind. Whether curly hair, short hair, and so can show a different charisma. Sterling silver pendants in the choice of materials will not necessarily select those platinum jewelry, diamonds and other luxury items jade, semi-precious stones can also choose to mix with a variety of silver sterling silver pendants, colorful, form factor, the choices available as well.
Mastered the five strokes, choose your sterling silver pendants enjoy it, make your life more colorful delicate up, anyone can become a front runner in fashion for thousands of surface beauty! Summary: Among the many ornaments of women, sterling silver pendants are the most striking, many people often only care about style sterling silver pendants, and neglect with their face, skin color coordinated match. Here are several aspects to tell you how to choose to suit their sterling silver pendants.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A fitness holiday

My name is Angie and I have been looking into a fitness holiday. I have some time off from school and I want to do something beneficial with that time. The problem is that I am overweight and the rest of my family and classmates and friends are into their fitness. I think getting my but on a few months fitness holiday will be a step in the right direction for me.
OK, so I made my mind up. Three months on a fitness holiday, but what. I did not just want to be in a gym all the time, I want to see some beaches, get a tan and get to know a different culture so I started to look on the internet (I just love the internet!) and came up with some great ideas for a fitness holiday.
The fitness holiday in Thailand looks seriously cool, six kilometres from the world's most beautiful beaches, in the tropical rainforest with national Champions. Here you can train up to eight hours a day without distractions of parties. This might be something for me. Because if there are too many parties to visit, I will never lose my puppy fat, and then after partying and drinking I will not be able to look the Thai champion in the eye to tell him I have a hangover.
I found three really cool options. Because I am into Martial Arts (my whole family is, do not know why), I was looking for a Fitness holiday with martial Arts. I found Mixed martial Arts in Thailand, Kung Fu in China and a fitness holiday programme with capoeira in Brazil.
However the coolest fitness holiday programme I found was the one in Brazil. Xtreme Gap offers a Capoeira fitness holiday programme in Rio. Imagining myself in a string on the busiest beach in Rio is still unthinkable but after a few weeks in to my fitness holiday I might give it a try. A Favela tour and an English speaking rep will be there for me to introduce me to Rio. Nice feeling to not be starting off alone.
A fitness holiday in China also sounds very interesting to me. Especially if I can combine my fitness holiday with learning a new language. At the Xtreme Gap Kung Fu training programme in China you will get lessons in mandarin. Ok no beaches around but during this fitness holiday programme you will staying a world heritage, not bad either. Food is also included here... no pizza and pasta and fries. Oh yes, I will get so fit if I choose this fitness holiday option.
The good thing about booking my fitness holiday through a gap year company is that they can advise me before I go, help me out with visa's and I know I will have the right support once I am out there. And I will meet lots of other gap year travellers on their fitness holiday. With these arguments I know my parents will agree on me to go, and maybe even pay for it.
Since my parents find sports really important and they have travelled the whole world their selves when they were young, I know they will agree on me attending a fitness holiday on my gap year. They also say that travelling alone will make me a better person and although I think this is nonsense, I am fine the way I am, I am going to agree with them so I can be free for a while.

Friday, September 2, 2011

suffering from holiday stress

Are you suffering from holiday stress? You're not alone, in fact many people's experience of the holidays is far from the rest and relaxation time that it's supposed to be. We get so caught up in creating that perfect holiday moment, we get too busy and stressed out to enjoy it.
If you're in holiday meltdown mode, here are 3 holiday stress tips to help you preserve your sanity:
Holiday Stress Tips To Preserve Your Sanity #1: Have A Plan
The first of the holiday stress tips promises to help you to avoid stress altogether, you can achieve this simply by having a plan. Instead of running around all throughout the holidays like a headless chicken, doing a lot of things but not really achieving anything, isn't it better to sit down and think about what you want to achieve first?
That way, you don't waste precious holiday time being busy and get to spend it on the people that really matter: your family and loved ones.
Holiday Stress Tips To Preserve Your Sanity #2: Create A Budget
The second of the holiday stress tips is simple, but often overlooked. The holiday period tends to be a big spending period for many, which is understandable, but spending too much on things that don't really matter can cause you a lot of stress and take away from the joy of the holidays. All this can be solved by determining a budget beforehand, and sticking to your budget.
That way, you can enjoy all the good things that come with the holidays, but don't have to worry about paying it off this time next year.
Holiday Stress Tips To Preserve Your Sanity #3: Schedule Your Time
This is one of the holiday stress tips that goes hand in hand with having a plan and creating a budget. Time is every bit as valuable, if not more so, as your money during this period so you'll want to be smart about it as well.
Understand that scheduling doesn't mean trying to squeeze every single activity into your holidays, but picking and choosing what's important. For example, if you can spend a little bit more to get your food catered, or your gifts delivered, do it! Your time is much better spent with your loved ones during this period.
Most importantly, the core of these stress reduction tips is to make time for yourself! You need a break every now and then to rest and recharge your batteries, and if you apply these holiday stress tips, they'll go a long way towards helping you beat the stress and have the enjoyable holiday you deserve.
Be careful that you don't overwork yourself on any given day by doing too much, because it will take a toll on you in the long run. So if you're getting things done today, great, but stick to your daily goals and once you've reached them give yourself a pat on the back and call it a day.
Reward yourself for a job well done today, and recharge yourself for more of the same tomorrow. That way, you'll greatly reduce working from home stress.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

London in May

London in May, England
At the first ray of spring sunshine, London kicks off its drab pinstriped image and jumps into sequins and nonsensical T-shirts. On days when hot-blooded types would shrug and go indoors, the number of Londoners with faces turned to the sun is endearing. City folk pull up a smidgeon of lawn in a tiny park at lunchtime, or sit outside under newly flowering window boxes at the pub. Jubilant music booms from open windows, and the plane trees boast their green. You may even get an accidental smile from one in a million people on the tube. Capture the start-of-summer vibe with a walk on London’s highest green space, Hampstead Heath.
Anchorage in salmon season, USA
Office workers in Anchorage, Alaska, get to go salmon fishing during their lunch hour. In early June the king salmon begin spawning in Ship Creek, but the wildest salmon are found spawning along downtown streets as part of the Wild Salmon on Parade, an annual event in which local artists turn fibreglass fish into anything but fish. The art competition has resulted in an Elvis Presley salmon; a salmon turned into a floatplane; ‘Uncle Salmon’ painted in patriotic red-white-and-blue stripes; and’‘Fish & Chips’, a poker-playing halibut. The 30 or so colourful fish appear on the streets and stick around until September. Fish your own salmon at hotspots like Alexander Creek and Twentymile River.
New York in June, USA
The song tipped you off : the first full summer month in New York brings a slew of parades, street festivals and outdoor concerts. Summer Stage in Central Park has an amazing line-up of pop, rock and world musicians, plus temperatures above 20°C. There are big-time discounts at top-notch eateries during Restaurant Week. Gay Pride month culminates in a major march down Fifth Avenue on the last Sunday of the month, a five-hour spectacle of drag queens, gay police officers, leathermen, parents and representatives of just about every queer scene under the rainbow.
Dublin at Christmas, Ireland
December in Dublin is remarkably high spirited. Check out the icy ‘ Christmas Dip at the Forty Foot’, 11am on Christmas Day, at the famous swimming spot in Sandycove immortalised in James Joyce’s Ulysses. A group of the very brave swims 20m to the rocks and back before Christmas lunch. Then drink a toast to the soundtrack of the Christmas masterpiece, The Pogues’ ‘Fairytale of New York’. Blow your dough and your post-Christmas crankiness at the hugely popular Leopardstown Races, from 26 to 30 December. Top it off with Dublin’s traditional funfair, Funderland, from 26 December to 9 January. Drink enough Guinness and you might try the Christmas Dip at Ringsend Pier (a couple of kilometres from the city centre), where the howling winds test the hardiest of souls.