Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bridal Bouquets

Hand tied bridal bouquets are loosely arranged and simplistic by design. Known as a loose-tied bouquet or clutch bouquet. It consists of a simple gathering of flowers, bound and tied with ribbon with stems left exposed. Queen Anne's lace, phlox and cosmos are magnificent examples of this style.

This is a beautiful choice for an outdoor wedding with that just picked from the garden look. It is arranged in a looser manner with the stems left longer and a large ribbon or exotic fabric tied together. It is also a cheaper alternative to the expensive and elaborate cascading bouquet and cresent bouquet.

Even a loose-tied floral arrangment can make a lasting impression on your wedding day, depending on the flowers you choose, for example; if you use exotic, colourful or unique flowers, your bouquet will definately turn heads.
If you're having a white wedding, feast your eyes on our white bridal bouquet ideas and bridal bouquet pictures.

White flowers come in different shades; paper white, cream and ivory and have distinct elegance and formality. Your choice in white will depend on the shade of your bridal gown and if you want it to match or contrast with your gown or bridal accessories.

Here are some examples of gorgeous orange bridal bouquet ideas and bridal bouquet pictures! Dark yellow or orange flowers combine the vibrant energy of red and the hot flame of yellow. A wonderful choice for weddings, and a perfect way to reflect your hopes for the future.

The lighter hue of the orange bouquet doesn't dominate like a deeper red and may better suit certain complexions or bridal gowns. It represents enthusiasm, creativity, new beginnings, attraction and stimulates mental activity. Like yellow, orange bridal bouquets attract attention but highlight significant elements of the design of your bridal bouquets and floral arrangements. Orange flowers correlate to a thirst for action, desire and hot sexual passions - never a bad thing for the modern bride.

These gorgeous bridal bouquet pictures demonstrate various shades of orange, from light apricot, a vibrant orange to a rich burnt orange. The deeper orange flowers have a more of an autumn feel to them.

Have a look at our flower identification guide for your favourite coloured flowers and check to see if they will be in season when it's time to have your wedding celebration.A classic white bouquet works well in all seasons and can make a casual wedding graceful and refined. A lovely flower choice for a white wedding bouquet; calla lily, lily of the valley, roses, anemones, white tiger lily, gladiolus, gardenia, stephanotis and freesia.

White signifies purity, innocence, humility and a new beginning, it also depicts faith and is associated with light and is considered the colour of perfection. White flowers are most often used in bridal bouquets along with green leafy foilage. The green colour is very soothing and relaxing, helping the bride with anxiety and nervousness on the most important day of her life, her wedding day.

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