Saturday, January 28, 2012

What To Do With An Fall Equinox?

How shall we celebrate the autumnal equinox, fast approaching on September 23? And why should we note it at all?

The autumn equinox, the old-timey, nature-centered holiday in which the sun crosses the celestial equator doesn’t make it onto the radar for most of us. We may know it moreless coincides with the first day of fall (good-bye, summer!) but our minds and days get filled with work and errands and social activities, our to-do lists, texts and emails. My head certainly feels at risk of overflowing many days (though I want to state for the record, I still decline to text, critical consumer of technology that I am ).

I notice, though, that across time and place, when we humans do connect with nature, it brings us joy. Gardening (growing things) is one of the most popular pastimes in the U.S. Stroking our animals is proven to soothe us and bring down high blood pressure. Homebuyers pay tens of thousands extra to live in a well-treed, verdant neighborhood. Our beautiful national parks get so much use their roads are sagging under the strain.

How to celebrate the autumnal equinox coming up on September 23? I suggest we set aside our errand lists and endless emails. Slow down enough to take a walk in a verdant place. Water our plants and trees with more care and respect than usual. Step outside before bedtime to examine the moon that helps create our ocean tides. Find a sunset that rivals the one in the photo, taken on September 23, 2010 in Ohio.

I sound sentimental about nature, but I’m really not. Our sun, plants and the uniquely breathable atmosphere they create between them are the only things keeping us alive on this lovely, fragile planet. A little more important, I think, than the emails waiting for me when I start work at 8 a.m. Happy autumn equinox.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Opportunity To Secure Weeds Season 6

Your eyes are not betraying you, as you have read it right. Undoubtedly an opportunity to secure Weeds season 6 download is not far away. With the sixth season all set to take off in the second half of August, soon after its premiere, we might find websites laden with latest aired Weeds season 6 episodes. Considering the unbelievable popularity of the show, it would not be a surprise if the upcoming season shatters all the previous records of viewership. This might get complimented by fans showing a greater eagerness to download or watch Weeds season 6 online.
We can only imagine the immense viewer interest that an upcoming season of the Weeds ignites. With so many fans already itching to lay their hands on the forthcoming episodes, let me provide them a thorough description of an ideal website for securing the soon to be available Weeds season 6 download.
The whole description is based on the indispensable basic essentials, without which a website lacks the required potency to satisfy a TV buff. Let us dig deep into them in the following paragraphs.
When we land on the web, the foremost worry that wanders in our mind is about net-bugs. Nobody likes to see their PC becoming populated with data corrupting internet threats. So, for a website to fall within our liking, it must guarantee rock solid protection against spywares, adwares and viruses.
Furthermore, when it is a matter of watching our pet TV show or say Weeds season 6 episodes, we will not tolerate any deficiency in video or sound output. So, the same thing must be available from the end of a website in the form of an unconditional assurance to provide DVD quality episodes.
With that we would also like the downloading speed to be rapid and uninterrupted, otherwise to secure a monotonously slow Weeds season 6 download will only result in a headache. So, we as genuine TV buffs will want a website to offer us a brisk data transfer rate.
When you come across a website embracing all the above discussed vital essentials, you can make it your online entertainment home to download or watch Weeds online. However, you might still be craving for something extra. In case I am right, then further explore the database of a website for other shows you like. Also, check whether it is coming up with latest updates on television world.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Watch Entourage Season 7

The thermal readings of entertainment world have touched the sky-levels, with the arrival of Entourage season 7. The glamour world of boys, which has always remained packed with sensuous chicks and luxurious cars, is knocking our doors to serve us with some more crispy entertainment. Apart from that gang of boys, who always manages to instill a new flavor in the show with their extraordinary activities, there's something more coming ahead, making it worthwhile to watch Entourage season 7 online.
In Entourage season 7, the creators are basically trying to find answer of that question, which is racking brains of every adult being, since ages. It is usually said that time is the biggest medicine, as it heals all wounds slowly and steadily. But is this a gospel truth? Does time actually acts as a healer, when no other arguments, sympathy or condolence succeeds in keeping the things back in line?
Obviously, the answer to this question varies with opinions of those, who have suffered a lot or gone through difficulties in their lives, but when you'll watch Entourage season 7, you'll discover that the beliefs of two people are really worth listening. These two people are Eminem and Christina Aguilera, who'll be explaining the basic rule of love and broken relationships in finale of season 7.
Everybody should watch Entourage season 7, to witness the fact that love always remain within the hearts. Eminem and Christina, with the help of their performances, would be setting the examples that love never gets lost, even if you are living several miles far from each other. This is the reason that just after the premiere of season 7, viewers started searching for its finale episode. Apart from this, season 7 will also be laying down the significance of another fact that most of the love stories originate from arguments and hostility.
Well, when you'll enjoy season 7, you'll be overwhelmed with joy to find that Eminem and Christina would be playing as themselves in the show, and with their presence the finale is going be exceptionally dramatic and full of musical parties. So you are absolutely counted to grace your eyeballs with Entourage season 7 online, in order to get drenched in the showers of star glitter and theme-based parties.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Summer Tyres Are Also Known As Performance Tyres

Proper maintenance is essential if you want your vehicle to last long, run smoothly and to ensure safety while driving. You can take your vehicle to the mechanic to ensure that your vehicle is in excellent working condition. One important thing that you should not forget is to check your summer tyres whether you need to replace them or not.
Choosing the right type of tyres is easy if you know what your requirements are. Summer tyres are also known as performance tyres. They are better for performance driving but they wear out faster compared to all season tyres. They are also more expensive. Summer tyres are made of softer rubber. That gives it better grip on the road and improves the handling of the vehicle, braking and acceleration. However, they are not very suitable for wet weather because of the shallow water channels that provide more rubber tread surface area for dry weather performance. The tread patterns of summer tyres are especially designed to channel water away from the car and provide better grip and smoother ride. In choosing a summer tyre, you would have to consider the tyre width and grooves. Wider tyres result in hydroplaning. If you are driving in consistently wet road, you may opt to choose a narrow summer tyre. Summer tyres speed ratings top at 270 mph.
Alternatively, you can choose an all season tyre. All season tyres are cheaper compared to summer tyres because it is a compromise between a summer tyre and a winter tyre. They are designed to handle any kinds of weather. They regain traction better than summer tires on slick roads, dirt roads or sandy roads. All season tyres can also be used in mud and snow, just like winter tyres. Some all season tyres can also be high performance but they have to meet certain standards as they are not meant solely for use in dry pavement. All summer tyres should meet requirements that would allow them to operate under wet conditions to some extent. They are available in different tread wear and speed ratings. All season tyres give average level of safety in all weather conditions. However, if you are in a place with extreme weather conditions and extended summers, it is best to choose summer tyres over the all season tyres so your safety will not be compromised.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New York Is Never More Magical Than During The Holiday Season

New York is never more magical than during the holiday season and "Magical" is the only way to describe the atmosphere here as excited kids and adults celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah also known as the Festival of Lights, the winter solstice, New Year's Eve and much more, transforming the City into a real wonderland.
Around the holiday season the whole New York City wraps its department stores, public spaces, restaurants and events venues in tinsel and other glittering excess. Stunning window displays, enchanting train shows, mesmerizing tree lightings and heart-warming concerts are just a very few things you don’t want to miss in New York at Christmas. And don’t forget about shopping, which is one of the key reasons why most people come to visit New York around Christmas. From holiday markets to luxurious Fifth Avenue department stores to downtown boutiques for the fashion savvy, there is truly no other place in the world that answers to all of your gift-buying needs.
Even with the cold wind blowing and sometimes even snow falling New York City is transformed into a winter wonderland - magical and exciting place to be for everyone! From the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center to the Christmas window displays at Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue there are endless Christmas sights to enjoy during the holiday season in New York City. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center is also a popular option if you want to ice skate in New York City.
It is wonderful that even though New York City is one of the biggest and top holiday destinations in the world, you don’t have to choose between buying Christmas presents for family or taking them on a holiday vacation. New York does it both. New York at Christmas is a full package with many different entertainment options where every single family member will find what to do and they will have an unforgettable time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten Things To Do With Autumn Leaves

Autumn is falling upon us once again, gifting most of us with more crispy, colorful leaves than we know what to do with. Sure, they make a decent mulch additive, but wouldn't it be great if there was something creative we could do with them besides rake and burn?

We thought so, too. To that end, here are ten things you can do with those crunchy bits of red, yellow and orange:
  1. Stuff a scarecrow. Instructions below.
  2. Spice up a BBQ supper. Apple and Maple leaves make a flavorful addition to an outdoor cooking fire.
  3. Bag 'em up and send to a friend living in Hawaii or Alaska; they always get a kick out of such "exotic" treats.
  4. Hot-glue dozens of leaves to a wreath base, easily obtained at any craft store. Add a few seed pods for an especially lovely door decoration.
  5. Make a bouquet by attaching single leaves to a straw or bamboo skewer and arrange in a vase.
  6. Slip one special leaf into a grandchild's Halloween card.
  7. Pile the prettiest leaves into a basket for an instant Fall time centerpiece.
  8. Fill a clear glass lamp base with leaves for timely, temporary decor.
  9. String leaves, alternating with cranberries, for a gorgeous swag which can be draped over a curtain rod or wrapped around a banister.
  10. Powder especially fragrant leaves into an incense, which can be burned on coal disks.
Scarecrow Instructions:
  • Old pants, shirt and gloves. A funky straw hat, too, if you have one.
  • Broom handle
  • Safety pins
  • Old boots
  • Brown paper grocery-store bag or burlap sack
  • Acrylic or poster paints
  • All the Autumn leaves you can find
Begin building your Scarecrow by jamming the broom handle into the ground or a large, dirt-filled bucket. Cut a 2" hole in the crotch of the pants. Safety-pin the pant legs closed. Slide the pants onto the broom handle and generously fill the legs with leaves. Jam the ends of the pant legs into the boots. Safety-pin the shirt to the pants, button it to the neck and stuff it with leaves. Pin gloves to the ends of the sleeves. Stuff them with leaves.
For Scarecrow's head: A burlap sack is best, but a brown paper grocery bag will do. Stuff it full of leaves and form into more or less the shape of a head, tuck the bag end into the shirt then safety-pin to into the shirt. Use acrylic paints to make a face. (Poster paints will suffice if you live in a super dry area.) Attach the hat to the head with safety pins and there you go - an easy Scarecrow to guard your yard from all those scary ghoulies and ghosties.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flower Colors In Autumn

Mention autumn colour and people immediately think of autumn leaves - the deep golds and fiery reds of leaves ready to fall. Autumn in the Moosey garden can be very leafy, but this year I'm taking special notice of the autumn flower colours.
Pinks and Reds
I've just been on a pink hunt. No problem here - many of the Moosey pink roses just aren't ready to stop flowering. Ballerina by the pond is still blooming, as is the satin-sheened John Clare rose. Mutabilis by the house looks like it's covered with a host of pink-winged butterflies. Several anonymous deep pinkroses are brightening up the autumn gardens by the Willow tree.
The best pink tones, however, are seen on my various hybrid dahlias. They simply must get the best pink prize.
Go For Gold
The red prize for autumn flowers must go to the dahlias, too. All possible shades of red are on offer - from orange-red tones through to cerise, purply reds, and deep scarlets. The dahlias are so sneaky in my garden - suddenly they are there, fully grown, blooming madly, determined to last until the first frost.
First there are spring daffodil yellows, then the yellows of the dwarf daylilies and the summer flowering shrubs, followed by the yellow perennial daisies - finally in autumn the yellow Chrysanthemum by theglass-house door goes for gold!
The Best Blues
The best blue flowers in autumn are the Salvias I grow from seed. Mind you, they seem to have been flowering for months. As well there are scatterings of blue pansies, and lots of blue flowers on the subtle creeping perennial Convolvulus (don't panic - it's the well behaved one).
And my Delphiniums (which I chopped down after the first flowering flush) are blooming again - go, you beautiful blues! There's also the beautifully fragrant Rosemary, with its grey-blue little flowers. There's nothing wrong with the autumn blues!
Go orange! There's a dead-heat here between the cheery annual Calendulas (who will survive the winter) and the Nasturtiums (who won't). Both flowers are generous with seed and bring such a positive element into the shorter gardening days of autumn.
Of course I'm a bit spoilt for oranges in summer, with the large clumps of daylilies I grow. The weather would need to be a little warmer to grow real oranges!
And Lemons...
The best lemon autumn flower is the climbing rose on the pergola called Casino. How this name fits a delicate lemon rose escapes me. But at this time of year Casino is absolutely beautiful. The thornyMermaid rose which sprawls along the back fence comes a close second.
And there's a highly commended in this colour section - a lemon daisy which has taken all summer to finally flower in the middle of the vegetable garden. I must remember to take cuttings - and to rescue it before the first frost. These pretty Marguerite daisies are only half hardy in my garden.
Prize Purples
The purple and/or magenta prize is difficult to award. The large bushy salvia Black Knight offers a rich, deep purple velvet, in contrast to the subtle mauve shades of the spotty Toad Lilies by the glass-house. There are many purple pansies flowering defiantly in the middle of the gravel driveway.
Then there's my brave perennial bluey-purple Verbena. This hard-worker is ignored year after year, but is still growing strong, and seems to be flowering all the time.
I'll go for the Toad Lily - spotty and stylish!
A Whiter Shade of Pale
White is the purist gardener's colour, and I still have a lot of white flowers blooming. But the big white flowering Nicotiana Sylvestris plants (they would have won hands down a month ago) have annoyed me by now, and I've pulled most of them all out.
White roses like Iceberg are still blooming madly, though. There are patches of small annual white daisies, and the striking tall white cosmos have taken over the driveway border.
But the biggest, whitest (and floppiest) white flower in the autumn garden is my large almost-single white dahlia.
Autumn Apricots
An un-named apricot David Austin rose gets photographed every year in the middle of April. It was rescued from death-by-starvation on an unwatered sale table some winters ago. This is by far the best apricot coloured autumn flower I grow. But what is its name? It's another anonymous beauty.
This charming rose is also awarded the pastel colour prize. Many of the David Austin roses are spectacularly pastel.