Monday, October 17, 2011

The hydrangea is a unique plant

The hydrangea is a unique plant that provides a quick burst of color to any home or bridal bouquet. The trendy hydrangea is both classic and modern, making it a perfect choice for any bride-to-be.

A Hearty History

An early American settler by the name of John Bartram was the first to discover the hydrangea. Bartram enjoyed trekking through forests in search of beautiful flowers. When he happened upon the hydrangea, he knew that he found something truly unique.
Many fossil discoveries prove that hydrangeas have actually been around for 70 million years. Interestingly, it wasn’t until 1739 that the first flower appeared in Europe. As soon as Europeans saw the flower, they immediately began to seek it. In fact, many believe that the French were the first to introduce the flower to wedding bouquets.
A few years after his first discovery, Bartram’s son joined him in the search for native hydrangeas. The two quickly discovered one species of hydrangea that was native to Georgia. Filled with excitement, both father and son set up a large greenhouse inside of their Philadelphia home in order to study this fascinating flower further.

The two decided to name the flower “hydrangea” after the Greek words “hydro” (water) and “angeion” (vase). While it seems as though these two words accurately describe the best way to display these colorful flowers, the truth is that the name describes the seed capsule portion of the plant.
Heavenly Hydrangea Bouquets
Due to their round shape and numerous petals, hydrangeas have the ability to fill out a wedding bouquet unlike any other flower. A large bouquet packed with hydrangeas is truly stunning and majestic. These flowers come in an assortment of colors, which makes creating the perfect bouquet even more appealing.
Not only do these flowers make lovely bouquets, they are also ideal flowers for cake toppers, pew decoration, and wedding stationery. Placing the romantic hydrangea on your wedding invitations will tell your guests that you have found devotion, companionship, and true love.
Hydrangeas can be found in blue, red, pink, purple, and sometimes white hues. If you want to create a bouquet that reflects purity and serenity, search for rare white hydrangeas. Bouquets also take on a special appearance when a few different colors (such as pink and purple) are combined.
Stationery Colors and Ideas
If you do decide to choose hydrangeas, consider mixing and matching a few different styles in order to complete your wedding theme. You can select stationery that includes blue, pink, and purple hydrangeas, and then fill your reception with flowers of all different colors.
Hydrangeas are so full of life that one simple representation of this flower is enough to make stationery sets majestic. Simple, elegant, and ethereal, a well designed hydrangea motif is easy to fall in love with.
It’s easy to see why the hydrangea has become popular once again. Although there are many different bridal flowers that are beautiful, this particular flower is both distinctive and expressive. Lacing our wedding together with colorful hydrangeas is a great way to give your special day a bit of stylish charm.

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