Sunday, October 23, 2011

Choosing the most adequate types of flowers

We adore the white color when it comes to modern weddings and we must confess that we are surprised especially to see just how beautiful and inspiring the antique inspired receptions planned with the white color really look like!

Choosing the most adequate types of flowers and greeneries is always a matter of season. We always advise our brides to choose only seasonal flowers for their wedding bouquet and table centerpieces because these assortments are always more affordable in price and also fresher.

These floral centerpieces decorated with white flowers are great examples of this kind that you can get inspired from for your own wedding, no doubt about it!
The lavish white blooms used for these arrangements and the sage green splashes of color make a fascinating team that can convince even the most suspicious or hard to impress type of bride. We love these white wedding flower centerpieces and we recommend them to both modern and classic brides.

There is something chic, refined and artistic about these floral decorations that make us think of the vintage style. This is why we also suggest you adopt this style if you’re drawn by the beauty and charm of the antique style.

We can tell by the images that these centerpieces were created exclusively for the outdoors weddings. If you’re lucky to be planning a wedding in the spring, summer or fall, you should definitely take into consideration organizing the reception outside the doors.

However, these decorations look so attractive and fashionable that we personally wouldn’t change a thing about them!

The list of qualities of a seasonal wedding flower arrangement is even longer. The flowers available in your season are usually more fragrant, more vibrant and realistic in appearance.

The ruffled blooms with frilly petals and long stems are the trendiest ones or the most sought after types of wedding flowers. Anything fresh-cut and lavish is welcomed or trendy for a wedding bouquet or wedding d├ęcor.

These white wedding flower centerpieces can fit both the casual and the formal weddings because they look extremely elegant, fancy and stylish.

This is the way your flower centerpieces will or should like if you adopt the natural style for your wedding! Nevertheless, if you want something that can fit your personal vision, you can change the flowers and the accessories or the design of these arrangements. This way you will obtain something even more original, outstanding and unique.

We invite you to browse through the other posts we feature on white themed wedding floral arrangements on our website! Look for the most adequate style that can flatter your vision and fit the type of reception you’re planning! You surely deserve the best!

We find these creations high class, dainty, feminine and also voguish. They were designed especially for elegant nature inspired weddings. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for fancy indoors receptions as well!
White roses, orchids, tuberoses and eucalyptus leaves are only a few of the blooms used for these arrangements.

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