Friday, September 2, 2011

suffering from holiday stress

Are you suffering from holiday stress? You're not alone, in fact many people's experience of the holidays is far from the rest and relaxation time that it's supposed to be. We get so caught up in creating that perfect holiday moment, we get too busy and stressed out to enjoy it.
If you're in holiday meltdown mode, here are 3 holiday stress tips to help you preserve your sanity:
Holiday Stress Tips To Preserve Your Sanity #1: Have A Plan
The first of the holiday stress tips promises to help you to avoid stress altogether, you can achieve this simply by having a plan. Instead of running around all throughout the holidays like a headless chicken, doing a lot of things but not really achieving anything, isn't it better to sit down and think about what you want to achieve first?
That way, you don't waste precious holiday time being busy and get to spend it on the people that really matter: your family and loved ones.
Holiday Stress Tips To Preserve Your Sanity #2: Create A Budget
The second of the holiday stress tips is simple, but often overlooked. The holiday period tends to be a big spending period for many, which is understandable, but spending too much on things that don't really matter can cause you a lot of stress and take away from the joy of the holidays. All this can be solved by determining a budget beforehand, and sticking to your budget.
That way, you can enjoy all the good things that come with the holidays, but don't have to worry about paying it off this time next year.
Holiday Stress Tips To Preserve Your Sanity #3: Schedule Your Time
This is one of the holiday stress tips that goes hand in hand with having a plan and creating a budget. Time is every bit as valuable, if not more so, as your money during this period so you'll want to be smart about it as well.
Understand that scheduling doesn't mean trying to squeeze every single activity into your holidays, but picking and choosing what's important. For example, if you can spend a little bit more to get your food catered, or your gifts delivered, do it! Your time is much better spent with your loved ones during this period.
Most importantly, the core of these stress reduction tips is to make time for yourself! You need a break every now and then to rest and recharge your batteries, and if you apply these holiday stress tips, they'll go a long way towards helping you beat the stress and have the enjoyable holiday you deserve.
Be careful that you don't overwork yourself on any given day by doing too much, because it will take a toll on you in the long run. So if you're getting things done today, great, but stick to your daily goals and once you've reached them give yourself a pat on the back and call it a day.
Reward yourself for a job well done today, and recharge yourself for more of the same tomorrow. That way, you'll greatly reduce working from home stress.

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