Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Flowers in Season

Autumn, known as fall, is the most romantic season of them all (in my opinion!). It is the season of vibrant and bright colors all around, including the gardens. The festive and attractive colors of the flowers and falling foliage gives a refreshing joy.
Well, fall is generally not associated with gardening but there are many beautiful flowers that bloom in fall and make you really fall for them! They are a great idea for gardening and one can use them as flower beds and find solace in exotic looking gardens when all the other gleaming beauties have faded to the ground.
Knowledge of fall wedding flowers can also make a fall wedding much better. The most anguishing thing is, most of the flower and plant vendors do not really concentrate on fall flowers, like they do for summer or spring flowers. This is the reason why finding fall flowers in season becomes a real quest.
Fall Flowers in Season
Several flowers are available in all seasons throughout the years, like roses, orchids, lilies, sunflowers, anthuriums, gerberas, marigolds, zinnias, etc. Apart from them, here are the best fall flowers in season that can be the best for gardens as well as for the fall wedding decorations.
Chrysanthemums are also called mum. Chrysanthemums must be planted during the spring season to experience full fledged mum flowers. They come in wide range of soothing and warm colors like pink, red, white, orange and bright pink too. There flowers can be used as fall wedding centerpieces or any floral decorations cause they last longer in water as well.
Black-Eyed Susan
These look like sunflowers and are equally beautiful. These are perennial fall flowers for weddings, that live short. They are the most common wildflowers. These flowers are with domed center and bright yellow florets. Any kind of soil is compatible with the black eyed susan and it requires full sunshine. One can plant them at the roadsides, floral gardens and open fields and anywhere that suits his/her taste.
Crown of Rays Goldenrod
Crown of rays is one of the latest species of goldenrod that are very popular as fall flowers in season. They are no more the 'roadside weeds' but they are highly cultivated in gardens, these days. They are a bunch of many small flowers, bright yellow in color that appear just awesome on dense, plum like racemes. They thrive best in sun and must be divided within the interval of 2-3 years, to reduce their extra growth.
Joe Pye Weed
Its common name is joe pye weed but it is the least weedy plant. They are a very graceful sort of fall flowers in season. Flowers of joe pye weed are small, vibrant and dusky pink in color. Some of the most famous cultivars of this flower are phantom and gateway. They mix great with several other late bloomer plants like autumn joy and matrona. these flowers also attract butterflies and is very convenient for the beginners.
One of my favorite of all the fall flowers in season is the stonecrop. It sports bright green foliage during the whole summer and come out with rich burgundy color during the fall. They can be great flower gardens that are combined with rock gardens, as borders. Stonecrop can tolerate a little bit of negligence when provided with full sunlight and 'no-shade-at-all', kind of atmosphere.
Pink Culver's-Root
These are very beautiful Northern American wildflowers, that bear large spiky lilac-mauve flowers from the early summer season to the late fall. These are adaptable to most types of soil and need full sun to thrive at their best. When blossomed, the flowers look somewhat like mermaid's tail. These flowers are 'bird-friendly', they mainly attract butterflies and they make really good 'cut flowers'.

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