Friday, September 30, 2011

Liatris spicata,Scabiosa

Liatris spicata is a plant that originated from North America. This flower has several colors such as purple and white. This flower has a long rod shape and atits peak there were little flowers that bloom.
Liatris Flowers is able to survive up to 14 days, then used as cut flowers. This interest can also be as a wedding flower bouquet.

We live set it with the other beautiful flowers and the result will be a nice bouquet.

Avoid the shade for Liatris flowers. This flower can be planted in ordinary garden soil, to improve the drainage can be added sand. Liatris flowers can bear short-term drought. This plant is easily grown in various environments. Liatris own high interest to 50-80 cm.

Scabiosa from Europe and spread to Asia. This flower is covered with a thin and light hair. Commonly grown in the late spring until winter. The trunk has a slender shape with a length between 20 to 25 cm.
Scabiosa flower color between gray, purple or lilac corolla. This flower is cultivated in the garden for flowering in a long time and a lot. There is also a kind of hybrid. SS. African somewhat less harsh and leaves as well as higher interest rates to 2-fold.
Scabiosa flower like places with full sun. But it does not matter if it is placed in the half shade. He has a bright color of leaves, is lost during the winter. And back again during the spring. This means that this interest will not stand the cold. Scabiosa flowers are also not so fond of water.

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