Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spring Is The Best Season To Beautify Your Flower Garden

The spring is the season after winter and before summer. This is the time when the vegetation begins. It is the best season for blossoming of flowers. When you are planting a flower garden in spring, you should take special care of the garden plants. You should grow the plants that blossom and dwell well in spring conditions. For making your flower garden beautiful and attractive, you must know the flower gardening tips and utilize them in your flower garden.

Flower gardening is a wonderful experience and a good activity in your rest time. You don't have to hire a professional gardener for taking care of your garden. You can follow the gardening tips and take proper care of your garden.

If you wish to plant a best looking spring flower garden, you should plant the flowers that bloom well in spring season. Out of the four seasons,spring is the best season for gardening. As the light intensity increases, the garden becomes hotter and the flower buds will come back to life and grow vigorously. Some of the flowers that are suitable for growing in spring are listed below:

The Crocus

The petals of crocus are rich in color. These petals appear to be shining due to the reflection of the Sun. Crocus can be best for borders of the garden. It is the ideal flower for growing in spring. Crocus flower is available in blue, white, yellow, cream and lilac color with stripes on it. Some of the crocus flowers are aromatic.

The Cyclamen

Cyclamen has the appearance like a wild flower. It grows perfectly under shrubs and trees. It is also found in rock gardens. It is basically planted in pots to use for display purpose in spring. It has attractive leaves. It blooms pink, red, purple and white colored flowers. The flowers of cyclamen are sometimes aromatic.

The Iris

Iris is the beautiful flower for any flower garden. It is available in variety of colors that adds to the garden design. They can be used as the border flowers and can be blended with other flower plants. You can plant iris with other flower plants to enhance the beauty of your garden. You can plant it in the pots for display purpose.
When you are thinking of planting a flower garden in spring, you should prepare the soil bed in proper manner for your plants. Here are some tips for preparing the soil for spring gardens.

Clean the garden site by removing all the weeds, dead leaves and plants, sticks, rocks, etc. After cleaning, use a tiller and turn the soil to promote drainage. Mix the natural mulch and organic compost into the soil. If you have some problems related to drainage, mix some gypsum to soil. Adding gypsum to soil will flush out the salt from your soil. When your soil is ready, buy the plants for your flower garden and plant them with proper technique.

Follow all the flower gardening tips while planting the flower plants. Spring is the best season for planting the gardens as the plants thrive well in spring conditions.

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