Monday, December 3, 2012

You Must Follow These Winter Health Tips

Seasonal changes bring in health problems like cold, fever and cough. This is because the body takes time to adjust to the new climate. When the season changes, you have to be very careful so as to avoid health problems. Precaution is better than cure and you have to keep this in mind. As winter is in, the days are short, nights are long. The chilly air and your eating habits can be harmful for your health. So, here are few simple winter health tips to stay fit and active.

Winter health tips:

Eat healthy: This is one of the most important tip to stay healthy in winters. Always eat healthy and do not forget to include seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet. Do not eat starchy, sugary and oily foods. We love to eat snacks but they can only lead to weight gain. Rather include zinc and iron rich foods that are soluble and rich in proteins and vitamins. Have garlic and other spices to beat cold and sore throat.

Sleep tight: During winters we feel more lazy and sleepy. Utilise the chilling season by grabbing little more sleep. You will get up fresh and also de-stress yourself. If you do not get proper sleep, you will feel lazy and the body also becomes prone to illness.

Drink herbal tea: Healthy fluids like water and herbal tea are good for the winter. Fight this chilling season by drinking these healthy fluids. You can also have vegetable soup to stay warm and avoid feeling lazy. Fruit juice lovers can warm their juice to avoid sore throat and cough.

Wear winter clothes: Style and trend should be set according to the season. In winters, you would look funny if you wear a sleeveless top and hot pants! Wear winter clothes made with woolen to protect the body from cold. Arthritis is a common health problem faced during winters. Protect your body, especially bones, in the winter season. If you suffer from acute joint pain in the winters, consult a doctor immediately.

Workout regularly: During winters, we feel lazy and cold to workout. Thus, we skip working out. Winter weight gain is a big concern so make sure you workout regularly. Go for yoga or hit the gym. De-stress yourself with little meditation. Workout avoids weight gain, increases blood flow in the body and also boosts up the immune system. So energise yourself with some exercise.

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