Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunscreen Should Be Applied 20 Minutes Before You Go Out Into The Sun

Our planet's ozone layer filters out the most harmful rays, which are called UVC. That's great. Unfortunately, we still have to go up against UVB and UVA rays. These guys target the outer and more deeper layers of skin, respectively. They cause things from sunburn to death, depending on the severity. Ultraviolet rays can even burn you on cloudy days and even at night.
The best thing you can do to avoid getting deadly levels of UVR is to completely avoid sunlight altogether. Most people don't find this to be too much fun, especially during the summer months, and choose instead to coat their skin with sunscreen and protective clothes.
A look we all love a perfect body in the summer, but the truth is that we care so much in the our skin care, Especially of our face. The first thing you do is use a blocker That will protect you from sun rays, which cause skin diseases. Remember to apply at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.
We recommend using a sun block depending on skin type you have, it may be:

Skin fatty: You must use a sunscreen gel.
Dry skin: You should use a sunscreen cream.
Normal skin: You can use either above or a spray.
Summer might still be a few months off now, but we can only assume that with the the long and wet winter we're having, that there is surely a blazing summer ahead. While we're all looking forward to sunnier skies, beach trips, fresh summer fruits and daylight savings, it is worth giving some thought to the challenges summer brings for those of us that will continue working through the hot days. Heat waves can be a particularly tough time for everyone working outside as well as the office workers and commuters. So here are some tips on the best workwear to choose to stay cool and collected in the summer months.
Also make sure that you double the amount of water that you consume. A considerable amount of water content in your body is dehydrated due to the heat in summer. Drinking water will replace all that water content lost due to the heat. As far as possible, try and stay indoors especially during the day when the sun is at its peak. Direct exposure to the sun can harm your skin and hair more than you can imagine. If you must step out, make sure that you are wearing a hat or at least carrying an umbrella. You can also tie a scarf around your head to prevent the heat of the sun from touching you. Use huge oversized sunglasses to protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun. Also make sure that you wear a good sunscreen at all costs. Just don't step out of the house without wearing a sunscreen even if it is for a few minutes.
Summer after all is not so bad at all. Just a few things to watch out for, and you can make summer your best friend. May you have a great summer!
Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before you go out into the sun to allow the skin time to absorb it. After a half an hour outside, it should be applied again for maximum protection. Most sunscreens only last about two hours, so make sure to apply it regularly, especially if swimming or sweating heavily. Even "waterproof" brands lose their potency after an hour in the water.
Sand and water can reflect up to 90% of the sun's rays, so give your skin extra protection when at the beach. A stronger SPF is also recommended for higher altitudes, since the air is thinner and sun exposure more intense.
Don't forget to apply sunscreen to sensitive areas like the tops of your feet, backs of your ears and neck, and areas of the scalp and hairline if your hair is thin or thinning.

Bathing is very necessary at least twice each day during summer, protect skin in summer with benefit from the coolness of water soothing the sweat glands, you will also be able to wash the grime off during summer. Make sure you do not take a bath immediately after you came indoors from being under sun for long. Your skin will benefit if you wait for sometime before entering the shower, taking a bath immediately after coming from direct sun tends to dry skin, rather than do it any good, a 10 minute wait would be beneficial.

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