Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poinsettia Is The Nature Of Excellent Material

Poinsettia, also known as the Christmas flower (known as the poinsettia ), is famous be used in Christmas decorations, red flowers , which is full of Christmas atmosphere because of its bright red. Be considered the red part of the flower is actually a leaf, while the real flower is the part in the middle of the leaf bundle. The poinsettia is usually 60 cm to three meters high, its deep green leaves of about 70 to 16 cm. Its topmost leaves are a fire red, red or white, it is often mistaken for flowers. Literature and legend names that end.Evergreen shrub, 50 to 300 cm high, stems and leaves with white milk . Stem is smooth, the twigs green, old branches dark brown. Leaves alternate, ovate, oval , entire or wavy-lobed, sometimes was a violin-shaped top of the leaves narrow, lanceolate ; leaves are hairy, leaf quality thin, veins; the top of the leaves near the inflorescence were the bract-like, flowering strains of red, as the main viewing site. Cup inflorescence cymose arrangement of the top students; involucre pale green, the edge of the teeth and two large yellow glands; male flower stalk, without perianth; female flowers solitary in the involucre Central; natural flowering December to February the following year. There are white and pink cultivars. Hi, warm, moist and plenty of light . Cold intolerance, is a typical short day plant. Direct glare and light are unfavorable to its growth. Avoid stagnant water, hold basin moist. Short day treatment is early flowering. The poinsettia hi moist and sunny environment, phototropism, strict requirements on soil, slightly acidic-fertile, moist, well-drained sandy loam. Cold resistance is weak, East China , North China's greenhouse cultivation, must be moved into the greenhouse before frost , otherwise the temperature is low, easy yellow leaves, fallen leaves . Winter, the room temperature can not be less than 5 ° C to 16-18 ° C is appropriate. Strict requirements on the water , the soil is too wet, easily lead to root rot, leaves, poinsettia leaves easily, the temperature is too high, the soil had done wet or too weak of light will cause leaves.

The flowering period coincides with Christmas, it is also known as the "poinsettia". This is a flower for any blessing. Especially the red leaves, a pair of festive appearance, as if being congratulating like holding hands to the people. It is the best representative of Christmas flowers, but in some of the wedding can also see the red and white poinsettia decoration is "My heart is burning, can also be used as a courtship with blanket! It as a gift, we must allow the other side of the auditorium scene. Wedding even more warm and lively atmosphere. In the cold winter, put a pot of bright red poinsettia home, feels like lit a pot of warm fire. Therefore, one of its florid . Out of you a red-hot passion.

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