Thursday, March 15, 2012

When Autumn Open The Door

People are still enjoying the sunny summer, autumn girl quietly open the door. Autumn girl like a magician, her into a dark green evergreen plane trees turn yellow, maple into a fire red. Leaves dancing in the air, the rustle, rustle, as if to say: "Autumn girl, thank you for us to put on new clothes." My personal favorite autumn beauty of the autumn has brought me many happy. Autumn to see the many maple leaves falling down, as in the colorful world as good as romantic.

I love the beauty of nature, autumn, people refreshing.

The best thing about autumn is the abundant fresh produce that suddenly appears in the fresh market one weekend.  It seems to be an overnight thing – like a timer going off, the vegetables and fruit, quietly maturing all summer, suddenly announce, “I’m done!”

When I was a teenager, we had a largish property with several varieties of apple tree growing on it.  I thought all apples were as crisp and sweet and tasty as the ones that grew on those trees… until I left home and got supermarket ones (bleck!)  Well, this lady’s apples taste just like the ones I picked off the tree in the morning and stuffed into my bag for lunch as I cycled down the drive to school.

There’s a bit of an art to successful market shopping.  First, you do a round of the entire market, examining the produce for quality and price.  Then, you home in on the stalls selling the produce you want at the price you want.  I’ve got it down to a fine art we usually don’t spend more than half an hour there.  The savings are enormous though.

Autumn girl, like a painter, her pears painted yellow, apple painted red, blushing. She orange painted orange, like a naughty child. They huddled together as if to say: "first pick me, pick me first!"

The fall in the fields, from afar, fields like a golden carpet. Millet doubled up, salute to the farmer uncle. Gust of wind blew over, brush, brush, brush, as if to say: "Farmers uncle, the harvest!"

Fall in the water, the water clear, unlike the summer the water is so muddy, and even see the stones. Happy fish in the water swimming, gilded bubble, it seems very excited, very cute.

Charming autumn, sent a telegram, it tells us: winter is coming. I like autumn!

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