Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flowers Plant Ideals In Spring

Whether you are planning a traditional wedding or a nontraditional wedding, planning your prom date or just shopping for a gift for that special someone, most likely it will include flowers.  Let's examine the current trends in Spring flowers.

A recent survey of wedding planners and upcoming brides suggests that the hottest wedding flower of 2011 is the tulip.  These are available in near black, purple, blues, reds, pinks, yellows, orange and even white.  Orchids are also quite popular lasting nearly a week, keeping their color and shape with very little attention.  Orchids, too, come in various shades and also lend themselves to being tinted, painted or dyed.  The gerber daisy has risen in popularity among more traditional flowers available in a variety of colors and work well when in arrangements with other flowers. 

There is so much more to wedding flowers than just the bridal bouquet and bridesmaid's bouquets.  In addition, there are also the groom and groomsmen boutonnieres, background greenery, greenery for amongst the seating (whether it be the ends of pews or chairs) as well as table centerpieces at the reception.  The right wedding flower selection can be the perfect accent to your special day.

Bling is the hot trend for 2011 senior prom corsages.  Florists are getting very creative in adding faux jewelry accents to these flower arrangements.  Some corsages are getting even more nontraditional by not even including flowers in their wrist or dress corsage.  now, THAT'S original.  Gentlemen, don't order your corsage over the phone but do make the extra effort in coming in in person.  You may even ask for a swatch of your date's dress or a link to a page that offers her dress or the color.  This will help your florist find the right suggestion immeasurably.

For the guys, you'd want something unique for his tux or suit.  Once again, prom boutonnieres come in a variety of colors and shades and can be ordered as an exact match or contrasting color.  For the senior proms in 2011, variety in men's boutonnieres is also the rage.  Roses are making a huge comeback.  In addition, carnations, orchids and the relatively new alstromeria are also quite popular this year.

Finally, no discussion of Spring flowers would be complete without mentioning Spring bouquets.  The most popular flower varieties this year include tulips, lilies, daffodils, gerber daisies and roses.  These varieties in any arrangement are guaranteed to brighten any kitchen, den or sunroom.

The bottom line is flowers are more popular than ever and the Spring of 2011 is set to be yet another wonderful time to share with loved ones.  Still not sure which Spring flower is best for your needs?  Consult your local florist.

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