Sunday, January 15, 2012

Summer Tyres Are Also Known As Performance Tyres

Proper maintenance is essential if you want your vehicle to last long, run smoothly and to ensure safety while driving. You can take your vehicle to the mechanic to ensure that your vehicle is in excellent working condition. One important thing that you should not forget is to check your summer tyres whether you need to replace them or not.
Choosing the right type of tyres is easy if you know what your requirements are. Summer tyres are also known as performance tyres. They are better for performance driving but they wear out faster compared to all season tyres. They are also more expensive. Summer tyres are made of softer rubber. That gives it better grip on the road and improves the handling of the vehicle, braking and acceleration. However, they are not very suitable for wet weather because of the shallow water channels that provide more rubber tread surface area for dry weather performance. The tread patterns of summer tyres are especially designed to channel water away from the car and provide better grip and smoother ride. In choosing a summer tyre, you would have to consider the tyre width and grooves. Wider tyres result in hydroplaning. If you are driving in consistently wet road, you may opt to choose a narrow summer tyre. Summer tyres speed ratings top at 270 mph.
Alternatively, you can choose an all season tyre. All season tyres are cheaper compared to summer tyres because it is a compromise between a summer tyre and a winter tyre. They are designed to handle any kinds of weather. They regain traction better than summer tires on slick roads, dirt roads or sandy roads. All season tyres can also be used in mud and snow, just like winter tyres. Some all season tyres can also be high performance but they have to meet certain standards as they are not meant solely for use in dry pavement. All summer tyres should meet requirements that would allow them to operate under wet conditions to some extent. They are available in different tread wear and speed ratings. All season tyres give average level of safety in all weather conditions. However, if you are in a place with extreme weather conditions and extended summers, it is best to choose summer tyres over the all season tyres so your safety will not be compromised.

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